Everything from Wissner...
everything from a single source!

Based on this motto, we are making sure to help you with a lot of extras and details. A specialist with competence and expert knowledge is available for all product sectors. You choose either from your comprehensive standard range or special orders.

In quality, durability and use of skin-friendly materials we deliver a high degree of perfection. Neutral laboratories test the breaking and tear strength; our products are boil and break resistant. So we reach an optimal quality of our products with a reject rate very close to zero.

We supply products and accessories in the following segments:

  • Lingerie accessories
  • Strap accessories
  • Bikini fasteners
  • Bra underwires
  • Hook and eye tape
  • Suspenders
  • Buckles
  • Boning
  • Bandage accessories
  • Women's clothing accessories
  • Bodices / Corsets
  • Industrial safety / medical technology
  • Special orders