Bandage accessories

Providing support, remaining flexible, absorbing extremly high loads...

WISSNER supplies the high-quality orthopedics accessories that meet all these requirements. Be it support bones, loops, splints or buckles... everything fits perfectly without showing and offers maximum safety and security. This opens up new posibilities in sports and day-to-day activities. Wissner is a flexible partner that you and your customers can reply on.

1420/15 S-Shape

1320 W/13 stepped

softer version, individually adaptable

1420/15 stepped

2324 A/23 torsioned

2670 A/26 stainless steel wrist splint (HGS)

15300 Aluminium bone

25300 Aluminium bone

30300 Aluminium bone

30200 Aluminium wrist splint (HGS)

40200 Aluminium wrist splint (HGS)

1820 A/18 knee hinge (KGS) bent

1821 A/18 knee hinge (KGS) straight

Plastic hinge

11 x 1,2 spiral steel bone (SPF) curved






Tape cut to size 25


2017 V/20

2017 V/50



2017 V/20 rectangular

2017 V/50 rectangular

2017 V/30 3,0 rectangular

2017 V/35 3,0 rectangular

2017/35-4505/16 stainless steel

2017 NV/20

2017 NV/35

All colours can be supplied

2017 NV/50

2050 K/25

Available in black and white, also available in 38 and 50mm

2060 K/38

Also available in 25 and 50mm, sew-through tab

2054 K/20

Also available in 25mm

2053 K/35

Also available in 40mm

2055 K/40

Available in black and also available in 50mm

375/25 Miralloy

Thornless surgical buckles

375/30 Miralloy

Thornless surgical buckles, also available in enamelled finish

375/35 Miralloy

Thornless surgical buckles

373/20 Miralloy

Surgical buckles with covered thorns

373/25 Miralloy

Surgical buckles with covered thorns

373/35 Miralloy

Surgical buckles with covered thorns

373/45 Miralloy

Surgical buckles with covered thorns