Thrilling technical details specially for bodices and corsets:
WISSNER supplies a vast selection of functional accessories, but also out of the ordinary versions to suit customer requirements

Wigona busk 1228/13

Stainless steel busk 2324

Stainless steel spoon busk

Conical stainless steel busk 2326

HB 3659-G-29mm und AB 3659-G-29mm

HB 3859-G-29mm und AB 3859-G-29mm

LOB 3954-G-20mm




26 x 21 Miralloy rings

32 x 26 Miralloy rings

Suspenders 3520

368/20 Miralloy

BF 4530/5 21cm A-Cup

BF 4530/5 23cm B-Cup

BF 4530/5 24cm C-Cup

BF 4530/5 26cm D-Cup