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Key to Abbreviations

AB – Eye tape
ALU – Aluminium
BB – Underwire sleeve
BF – Bust former
BH – Bra
BHV – Bra closure
BL – Strap tab
BW – Cotton
DG – Pressure die casting
DKB – Snap tape
DOB – Women’s clothing
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
G – Bright upper side
H – Hook
HAB – Hook and eye tape
HB – Hook tape
HGS – Wrist splint
K – Plastic
KGS – Knee hinge
KLB – Buttonhole tape
LOB – Eyelet tape
M – Metal part (on HAB)
MK – Metal cap
MS – Brass
MSK – Brass cap
MT – Metal part
MY – Miralloy (silver-coloured, contains no nickel)
N – Nylon (plastic) coated
PA – Polyamide
PE – Plastic end (sew-through)
PK – Plastic cap
PKS – Strap tab riveted to plastic button
PL – Plastic tab
PLFB – Plastic whale bone
PLST – Plastic bone
R – Row (adjustment on HAB)
SPF – Spiral steel bone
TB – Tunnel tape
V – V-shaped (on separators)
V – Welded (on loops)
VH – Full grip (on corset closures)
W – Soft version
WIGF – Wigona flat steel
WIGONA – Wissner Göppingen Nahtlos (seamless)
WK – Soft edge (on HAB)
Z – Toothed (on slide adjusters)