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160 years Made in Germany

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Since 1837 and providing accessories for the lingerie industry since 1859

As a competent partner, Wissner is also able to provide you with qualified expert advice. It is our tradition. Wissner has 160 years of experience dealing with the most diverse applications in the areas of shaping, adjusting and fastening. Wissner also provides competent and economical individual solutions each and every time.

Take a look at the history of our company

The Early Years

Christian Wissner inherits the plumber’s workshop at Langestrasse in Göppingen, which used to belong to the deceased Johannes Übele, after marrying his widow, Christine Katherine Übele. The company begins manufacturing a range of consumer goods from metal.

Thanks to the high quality of his work, the number of orders increases and Christian Wissner expands his operation.

Growth with lingerie accessories

Production of corset fasteners, whalebone busks and steel busks begins.

Lines of business expand to include seals, spiral springs and suspenders.

Christian Wissner transfers ownership of the operation to two of his sons. Karl Wissner takes over the plumber’s workshop and Wilhelm Wissner now manages the production of corset fasteners.

New manufacturing plants

Wilhelm Wissner purchases new buildings on Hohenstaufenstrasse for his manufacturing activities.

Further growth necessitates the purchase of a larger property and suitable water power. On 23 March 1880, Wilhelm Wissner hands over a sum of 10,000 Marks to become the new owner of a large site on Hohenstaufenstrasse, which includes an old walk mill, a two-storey residence and a larger courtyard. New factories are established.

1885 / 86
As water power was soon no longer sufficient, a steam engine with a 15-m high chimney stack is installed. A three-storey extension and a two-storey boiler and turbine building are built to generate power.

First international contact

To enable the Italian fashion market to also be directly supplied with Wissner products, a subsidiary is established in Milan.

Wilhelm Wissner dies at the age of 63. Ownership of the company passes to his son-in-law, Rudolf Lederer.

The product range is expanded to include bra accessories and the construction and manufacturing of winding, cutting and folding machines for the clothing industry.

The Difficult Post-War Years

Once again, the existing factory is extended.

Following the difficult post-war years, Wissner recovers quickly and it becomes necessary to build a new dispatch and production building. The range also now includes WIGONA busks

Rudolf Lederer’s eldest son, Rudolf Wilhelm Lederer, succeeds his father as company manager. Wissner begins manufacturing using its own plastic injection moulding technique.

The Economic Miracle

Construction phases II and III of the new build are completed.

Wissner celebrates its 100th anniversary.

The range is expanded to include strap lugs and bra underwires.

Production of hook and eye tapes begins in the Middle Franconian subsidiary and at the company headquarters in Göppingen.


A new generation of bra underwires is developed using nylon-coated flat wire: the Wissner Flexy underwire.

Wissner possesses the latest generation of hook and eye tape production facilities.

Rudolf Wilhelm Lederer transfers the management of Wissner to his nephew, Dr Andreas Lederer.

The DUOFLEX® bra underwire is patented in Europe and the USA.

A Major milestone

Production begins at the site in Hungary.

Industrial robots are used for the first time to produce busks.

Wissner celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Passion for Details

Wissner presents its new brand image. The Passion for Details that has been a distinguishing feature of the company for 160 years becomes a recognisable symbol of the core competency.

Acquisition of the bra underwire production of the company Metric. Acquisition of the "Galbline" and "Ergoline" brands.

Acquisition of the company Mitex Miederband GmbH, Austria / Rise to the European market leader of bra fasteners.

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